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Shortest Trip to Earth

Shortest Trip is a game about driving around in a space, exploring beautiful alien worlds and surviving the experience. · By Interactive Fate


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Shortest Trip to Earth has made it to Steam!
Check it out (contains a new trailer): We've been pretty much working throug...
Fresh comic revealed, Indiegogo discount campaign ending in 3days
Enjoy this fresh comic about daily adventures in Shortest Trip! Our Indiegogo discount campaign ends in 3 days - last chance to secure the game with nifty bonus...
Shortest Trip to Earth:1st comic published, Linux, Mac & Win(64&32bit) versions now supported
Please enjoy this comic about Shortest Trip to Earth! We promised to make at least one for each 100-dollar contribution for our Indiegogo campaign , and this on...
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Shortest Trip to Earth: Enemy Crew AI
We are in the middle of implementing enemy ship crew. Most importantly- elaborating what goes on in their simulated alien brains :3 Crew AI has to be pretty int...
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