Shortest Trip to Earth: Enemy Crew AI

We are in the middle of implementing enemy ship crew. Most importantly- elaborating what goes on in their simulated alien brains :3
Crew AI has to be pretty intelligent- the crewmembers must prioritize between operating weapons and other modules (in order of importance), extinguishing fires, repairing stuff and healing themselves in medbay.

There’s even more complexity in there than sounds, since the order of module importance will change depending on the situation. The crew AI also has to take account of distance to potential tasks plus check if somebody is already on the task (or moving towards the task).

In addition, ship crewmembers can have skills which boost modules they operate. Crew with good gunnery skill should therefore operate ship weapons, and crew with high intelligence should operate high-tech modules.

Later on, the crew AI must also know how to escape, board the player ship, navigate it and fight player crewmembers (and their murderous pets). Our programmer says it’s almost like building a tiny RTS inside FTL. So we have our work cut out for us :)

For the meantime, there’s also some inspiring news. Generous gamers have donated ~10% of what Shortest Trip needs via our presale/crowdfunding campaign at IndieGoGo. The campaign features also a trailer with overview of upcoming features.

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Sep 11, 2017


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32 bit now?

Yes, it will be available already in the next build :)