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"Seek inspiration from nature, people, books and poisons of the mind. Grow your passion, but take care of your sanity or succumb to madness."

A new life.

Welcome to decadent, art-loving 19th century alternative history Europe, and a roguelite game about finding inspiration, dealing with feelings, and painting masterpieces.

A game of feelings.

You will be challenged by more than 65 unique feelings (each with a different effect), along with poverty and other wordly troubles. Hundreds of cards represent the complex psyche of your artist's mind, and life in Nova Oportunia, the city known as the capital of contemporary art.

A variety of card interaction mechanics.

All these artistic, amusing, horrible or lustful details of life are represented as lovingly painted cards that can be combined, collected, talked or thought about, visited, read or interacted and so on, resulting in a vast diversity of results, creating new cards and new opportunities of interaction. The creation of this game was inspired by a cult classic of similar format, but different vibes.

Mortal challenges.

Life of the artist is not easy. Poverty, physical ailments, sanity loss and other challenges regularly result in permadeath (a variety of permadeaths, beginning with dying to disease and ending with drinking oneself to death), followed by a tactful overview of your life (often miserable, addiction-fuelled, yet passionate) and legacy.

During your life, unpleasant feelings will evolve from bad to worse if not dealt with. You will have to battle conditions like frustration, anxiety, anger, guilt, sadness, suicidal thoughts, and multitudes of other issues.

Painting, and other pleasures.

Paint your sufferings into spectacular masterpieces, or counter them with pleasant feelings such as love, pure pleasure or peace. If all else fails, you can always seek solace in the Bar Avenue establishments, hoping to drown the bleak thoughts in drink or more exotic soothments. Roguelite fans may enjoy the iron person mode (coming soon).

A variety of victories and defeats.

You may win numerous minor victories and a selection of grand victories. To win the grand victory, you must create a painting that will change the world.

As your life evolves, unravels and expands in Nova Oportunia, life-changing secrets, ideas and experiences reach you. These can be thought about, developed, and in time, turned into the paintings that will change the world for thousands or millions of people, leaving a truly majestic legacy of your life.

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorInteractive Fate
GenreCard Game, Role Playing
Made withAdobe Photoshop, Unity
Tagsartgame, Casual, Comedy, Meaningful Choices, Non violent, Slice Of Life
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilitySubtitles, Interactive tutorial
LinksSteam, Steam, Homepage, YouTube


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Version 9abbdf808ef1 1.1.10

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Is Hitler a playable Character? 

No, but you can draw erotic paintings & sell them in the Dark Alleys, while combating your alcoholic addiction and thinking about how miserable your life is. If that's your cup of tea  ^_^

Running a good discount atm https://interactive-fate.itch.io/artist-life-simulator/devlog/504657/springy-sal...


OMG! What a fantastic game all based on your brain deciding this and that and making a mess of it or a success if you can call it that...?!?

And the art lives or dies through out your course of life choices. (cards)

Of course is does help if you have some talent and that your not fooling yourself and disappear up your own fundament!! XD


Thank you for kind words :) We are still adding more features.


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